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My American family takes its origins from Europe. My father is an immigrant from Germany who won a Fulbright Scholarship to Cornell University in New York. He moved to California and worked for Kaiser Steel at Eagle Mountain east of San Bernardino. He went on to earn his MBA from Pepperdine University in Southern California. My brother and I grew up until Junior High, east of Los Angeles.

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Here are our recent Halloween and Thanksgiving pictures (above) including my daughter who graduated from University California Davis with an undergraduate degree and a master’s in Education. She now teaches 2nd grade GATE in Solano County. My brother, also a UCD graduate in science went on into Finance with a degree from Hayward State.

Recently I traveled to Northern Germany to be part of my cousin’s son’s wedding. The church in town has baptized, married and held funerals for the Kropps for almost 500 years.

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We moved to the Bay Area and I am proud to say I went to high school with my friends Chris Stevens (former Ambassador to Libya) and Eric Kent, who I visited at his home in Tokyo. Here we did a “selfie” in front of Godzilla.

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DEDICATION: To my mom!

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