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On December 15th, 2015 a robust team of humanitarians left for the Amazon on a quest to join others volunteering at a compound in the jungle serving orphans and the community through shelter, food and clinical services. This is the story with pictures and words:

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Where are we?

The compound is located in Jacunda, Para near the equator in Brazil.

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I have been going since 2005 volunteering as a doctor and simply as friend for the children.

They love to play and really only need hugs. Many have been through near starvation, accidents and extreme loneliness.

A colleague of mine brought his son who had his skateboard. They built ramps and runs. Even the adults took part in skateboarding.

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The national sport is soccer and do not doubt we play a lot of games!

We usually all eat together. Many folks come and help prepare the meals. They make their favorite dishes and share. Likewise they get to eat authentic dishes made by the house cook.

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We sleep on site in dormitory rooms or outside in hammocks.

The jungle animal life is incredible. We actually go swimming in a tributary of the Amazon river. Yes alligators and pirhanna are always on my mind...

Every year we arrange a Christmas for the orphans and neighboring children.

Papa Noel comes on schedule!

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And gifts are distributed.

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The children are very happy!

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